Image: Writer’s Block

I believe there are 3 parts to my abilities,

and unfortunately, these 3 do not always overlap…

Things I am natural at – like the ability to see the big picture of things. I’ve always been a global thinker, a macro problem solver, and a holistic worker. In fact, I’m so hard wired to automatically see the big picture that often, it is entirely impossible for me to focus on any one singular thing at a time. My brain naturally jumps to a million different things all at once. This drives my family up the wall. I don’t blame them.

Things I love doing – like scuba diving in warm tropical waters, watching the fish swim past my eyes and nibble at my toes when I stay still, hearing my Vader-like breathing when I inhale slowly through the regulator, and feeling my heartbeat in rhythm to the gurgling sounds of the water. The world stops when I scuba dive. I love that. Unfortunately, I moved 12,000 miles away from where I used to dive. So nowadays, I contend to just sitting still watching the sunset. This gives me a similar feeling, but minus the adrenaline high.

Things I am good at – like being systematic and organized. I’ve been conditioned since childhood by my regimented parents that everything has a time, place and sequence. At work, I am known for being detailed, to the point that some people loathe me, and I do not blame them. At home, I systematize everything from wardrobe cabinets to refrigerator storage, to the point that the plumber who came to repair my pipes stopped short in his tracks, simply to stare at my fully labeled and color coordinated shelves.

Back to the issue of writing


The fact that, whenever I try to write, I always end up seeing ants-on-a-white-sheet, should be testimony to confirm that writing is NOT something that I am natural at.

Do I love writing? Sometimes I do. I find satisfaction when I can make my thoughts concrete. As a trained architect, materializing concepts into tangible form always give me satisfaction, even if the building blocks of my creation are made up of terminology, syntax, and grammar, instead of an architect’s “traditional” bricks and mortar.

But am I good at writing?

I leave that up to you, my readers.


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