Building a W.R.E.C.K.

I wrote this book chapter many years ago, before the terminology of “social networking” even existed.

In this new era of technology saturation within our Working and Living Environment (WorLE), “learning” will inexorably take place via “osmosis.” With or without formal instruction, the elderly non-tech-savvy businessman will learn from environmental influence. The proposition to formulate this new Instructional Architecture (IA) mechanism is termed as “Worldwide Reformation of Education and Corporation Knowledge,” or WRECK for short, an apt acronym to describe the radical changes necessary to build from such an idealistic blueprint. To create a WRECK system, the existing system needs to be “wrecked”. First, id’s must be involved in content creation. They need to provide instructional design input in the development of content-specific industry training. Second, id’s must be immersed within the corporate sector as Human Resource Managers (HRM). Third, id’s must be adept in global issues, ranging from cutting edge technological advances, to government and international policies. Fourth, id’s must infiltrate the realm of governance and policy making. In summary, id’s must infiltrate the workforce in both the education and corporate sectors. Both tasks, “educating corporations” as well as “corporatizing education”, are equally arduous and challenging, yet requisite for future progress.

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Building a WRECK (Worldwide Reformation of Education and Corporation Knowledge): A Proposition Paper for Instructional Architecture in the New Millennium by Roz Hussin @ FHussin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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