#h817open – Intro Blog

#H817 Open Course on Open Education by Open University UK

My reasons for taking this #H817 course:

Intro – I found out about another OU course, the OLDS MOOC, on the very last day of the MOOC, but I did manage to watch the finale convergence session video recording. At that point, I realized that I had missed out on some pretty well designed learning opportunities, so, when I heard about Martin Weller’s #H817, I jumped on the bandwagon!

Aim – I am currently working on an action research project that would benefit greatly from the potential learning that I would gain from this #H817. So, there is personal investment in my participation. I’ll probably blog more on this project as the course progresses.

Intent – For now, I plan to jump in and actively participate in this #H817. However, as I am also working full time, lurking in 3 other MOOCs, writing 2 articles,  and preparing for 3 conference presentations in the next 5 months, plus still trying to be a decent mom, so, I sincerely hope I don’t fall off the cliff halfway!

Work – My current job is as an Instructional Design Technology Specialist (IDTS) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in the United States. Much of my work involves online learning, although of late, I’ve been doing a lot of blended / hybrid / flipped instructional design. I’m a bit radical with my methods, as I did not start my career from the education side, so, I’ve never really had a box to think out of to begin with. I hope that this #H817 experimental course will add to my already unorthodox repertoire of skills.

Personal trivia – absolutely useless but potentially entertaining random information about myself:

My name is ROZ and I pronounce it like the way the flower “rose” is pronounced in English. It’s not my legal name, but I’ve had this nickname since the 80’s when I occasionally freelanced cartoons in the Malaysian chapter of MAD Magazine. I was also one of the founding members of MAAD – Malaysian Architects with American Degrees in the early 90’s.

My parents told me that I was almost born on a plane between Tokyo and KL, after which, I was soon transported to and raised in metropolitan London. Years later, my dad shipped my mom, baby brother, and I to a small sleepy town called Ipoh, where I was placed in a strict Catholic school (no, I’m not Catholic). But I ran away at 17 and found my way to New York, eventually graduating with an architecture degree from Cornell University.

Fast forward some years, I then worked in the corporate world, wandered into higher ed teaching, dove into higher ed administration, graduated again from higher ed (but this time as a post grad “ed” major), jet set all over the world, climbed the rat race ladder till I hit the ceiling, then totally crashed off the grid for 6 years. Just came out of hiding last Fall 2012, when I took my first MOOC – Designing a New Learning Environment (DNLE) from Stanford University, and have been hooked ever since 🙂

The following is a fun quiz I often give my students / trainees:


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