Reflection on MOOC benefits

One of the MOOCs I’m taking is the H817 by OU-UK.

Point to note – I’m simply “lurking” and “dropping-in” (refer  terminology by Phil Hill However, despite my minimal “participation”, I occasionally document  interesting observations and/or discussions.

This post is an example.

The navigation user-friendliness of MOOCs (and of all online courses in general) are dependent on the platform they live on. Some LMS are more intuitive, and some, can be cumbersome.

In this example, one student had voiced frustration that the MOOC platform was not user friendly for mobile device users. The nested force-linear navigation, coupled with the multi-column webpage format, makes  it tedious to reach a particular page.  As a counter measure, this student decided to find an alternative solution which would make her navigation easier.

Driven by frustration, she found a solution – a site-map page ( – which she then shared in the course blog. SHARING. This is one benefit of MOOCs.

Right after that forum message was shared, yet another student posted a different solution – a customized app ( ) – which conveniently allows students to download the entire MOOC content onto a mobile device. INNOVATION and EXPERTISE. Two more amazing benefits from MOOCs.


4 thoughts on “Reflection on MOOC benefits

  1. And now you’ve demonstrated these benefits once again, by sharing these links with those who missed them the first time! I, too, have been frustrated by the linear organization that requires multiple links, especially when I’m on a very slow network (which I am at times, while travelling). Going to use the mobile app! Thanks!

    • Thank you Christina. I appreciate the feedback. Your post also made me realize something else too. I did not receive a notification for YOUR post. This blog does not automatically subscribe me (the author) to receive notifications, unless I set it to do so. Wow! One learns something new EVERY DAY! After engaging in MOOCs, and G+, and all of this jazz, I now feel like I’m back in elementary school… cool! 🙂

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