Rhizomatic Learning

Learned another new interesting thing today.

Textbox editors of “traditional” LMS’s do not automatically convert URL’s into links.

However, G+ and many other current online open platforms do.

When I first learned how to post in an LMS, I had to consciously remind myself to click on the link button to embed a hyperlink when I pasted a URL. Then, when I started using G+, I had to unlearn that step, as it was not necessary, and I didn’t want to waste time. Then, as I toggled back and forth in various MOOCs which are run on various platforms, I had to re-learn how to embed URL’s, depending on the platform I was on.

This is yet another “skill” relevant to online learning… as technology evolves, our skills evolve… but in this new world of open online learning, the rate of evolution for learning skills is not linear… Sometimes, we learn in this direction, sometimes we need to regress and move backward in the direction we came from.

Rhizomatic Learning (Cormier, 2008) … interesting, isn’t it?

Links to discussions on G+:


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