Image: Emerging patterns

World GDP 2013

People say that innovation often comes from people who can “see” emerging patterns in the context they exist in.

What people do not say is that the voices of those people who “see” such patterns, are often left unheard.


The posting above is NOT my original complete blog. Once again, this morning, I typed a wonderful long blog, but once again, the browser crashed halfway, and unfortunately, I lost my input.

Also, unfortunately, today I am down and out of service. So, I have no energy to re-type my original blog. Thus, what I typed above will have to suffice. Not sure where or how I picked up this germ, as the only people whom I know, who are down with a cold, only have online contact with me. Yet another strange karmic connection.

But I digress.

Back to my blog theme… i12LOL… I want to learn online…

I wonder how many times this iteration must take place before I finally “learn” the root cause of my persistent browser crashes? I wonder how many times I must feel frustration before I “learn” the heuristics to avoid such occurrences?

Yesterday, I shared on G+ a video clip that was forwarded to me by an online MOOC buddy. I will end this blog today with a quote from that video:

Internet is not a technology. It is a philosophy – a philosophy of innovation without asking permission….(of) resilience over strength” (Joichi Ito, 2012)

If the above quote holds true (that my resilience towards my frustrations of browser crashes and silly self inadequacies is more valuable than actual strength), then, I guess I will be alright…


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