I embarked in a new MOOC this week.

Yes, yes, I know… how MANY can I do before I become MOOCed out?

But this is different.

My virgin MOOC was DNLE, Designing New Learning Environments, by Prof Paul Kim of Stanford University. For that one, I dove in head first, full immersion, beyond the Baptism of Fire cliche. I unabashedly admit, I’m a changed person ever since.

The next 7 MOOCs were… well… some were simply acts of curiosity. After one’s first virgin experience, it’s understandable that one experiences being on the rebound for awhile (grin!). But in all fairness, a couple of those second-wave MOOCs were quite intellectually stimulating, filling in the blanks that my virgin MOOC did not give me. I will give credit to those MOOCs, for having taught me new horizons in this Connectivist (Siemens, 2008) world. I truly enjoyed #EDC-MOOC and #ET-MOOC. I completed all course content and participated in many discussions, although I never did bother to submit any assignments, thus, for the record, I didn’t officially “graduate”.

Nevertheless, I continued my “binge-learning” saga with a third wave of MOOCs, some of which I began mid-way, whenever as-and-when I became aware of them. In this third wave, my objective is not to complete any course, but simply to sample the diversity, and more importantly, to push my own capacity beyond my normal limits.

I simply want to know when I will break.

I recall learning about this method in my instructional methodologies class, years ago, when I went back to grad school to study “education”. Having studied Architecture as an undergraduate, I had never been introduced to the Psychology of Learning before then. So, reading about such techniques, after having worked in the industry for 10-15 years, was quite mind boggling.

Overdose… that’s what I nicknamed the method. The technical term (in education theories) was quite different. The Behaviorists called it “Extinction” (Thorndike, Skinner, et al.).

Regardless of label – “extinction” or “overdose” – I have now signed up for my… let’s see… I think it is MOOC number #12 now. Unfortunately, numbers 9-11 are quite a mystery, as apparently, I signed up months ago, but forgot which email I affiliated it with, so, I totally missed three of them! LOL!

In any case, I am enthusiastic about my MOOC #12, as it is a follow up project from my classmates from DNLE**. I just thought I’d pay tribute to a deserving group of MOOCies, by congratulating them, and posting a blog in their name.

Congratulations to Peace Game Team!

Best wishes in your new MOOC:

**NOTE: DNLE – Designing a New Learning Environment – MOOC by Prof Paul Kim of Stanford University.


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