The “Magic” of Connectivism

I received an unexpected warm surprise this morning — an email congratulating me that this blog – i12LOL! – made it to the “99 Best Resources on Open Courseware and MOOCs“. I never dreamed this could happen, especially since I still consider myself to be a “baby” in this online world.

I never blogged before this. I only started 4 months ago. In fact, I had I stayed off the grid and been in “hiding” for 6 years (except for work-related emails). I had always been fearful of new technologies (despite pretending to know what I do in my job), and I used to abhor anything that was labeled “social network”. In general, I never saw myself as a “resource” for online learners.

But I am deeply affected by this new discovery. To whoever nominated this blog — THANK YOU! … I will endeavor to persist, and now, I have a BIG reason to keep posting blogs!

To start, I’d like to share an incredible phenomena that is (still) going on in G+ (right now). A week ago, Demian Farnworth started a post in G+. Within days, it exploded into a MASSIVE dialog, involving hundreds of people, spanning endless pages of high-quality input. As of this moment, the post now has 213 comments, is STILL going strong, AND is STILL ON TOPIC.

The discussion revolves around Connectivist Culture (Siemens, 2008), the impetus for dialog in online social platforms, and the impact this phenomena has. I strongly suggest visiting this discussion thread and spending time reading through. WARNING: It will take awhile to swim through, as many of the comments have embedded links, which will carry you to a plethora of parallel resources, laden with juicy mind-boggling intellectual content. Reading this discussion thread is a Rhizomatic Learning (Cormier, 2008) experience in itself.

Link to legendary discussion thread

Link to analysis of the referred thread


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