I’m a twittering twit of a twitter


Six months ago, I decided I was going to learn this thing called G+ and Connectivist Learning. Then, it turns out, I found out that I was already a Connectivist, but didn’t realize that what people call “Connectivism” today, is what I called “Osmosis Learning“, way back when I wrote my thesis. Same stuff, different title. So anyway, six months ago, with the help of people like +Laura Gibbs  and +George Station , and many others, I dived deep and binge learned everything there was to learn about G+.


I did a 48-hour non-stop no-sleep immersion, and an intensive 2 month no-barriers no-limits full throttle.

Blog post that described my G+ binge learning experience:
Today, I think I’m pretty comfortable in G+ and can coach others how to maximize its benefits for applied online Connected Learning.
But this thing called TWITTER….
I feel like such a Neanderthal!!!
…a dunce!
Someone… please help me… I’m a “Cognitive Refugee” (Hussin & Kim, 2013) who needs someone to give me ZPD coaching (Vygotsky, 1978)… Pray tell… WHY is my brain NOT comprehending the LOGIC behind this thing?


FYI, my thesis was a human interface study on SMS (short messaging system) -ie text messages. So I’m pretty good at the syntax shortening. So that is NOT my Cognitive Handicap with Twitter. Instead, what I don’t get is the non-linear non-sequential random dialog stream….

How do I respond to all the pings that flood my email inbox? How do I re-route those to somewhere else so that they do NOT flood my email inbox? How do I access what I want to access, and not have to scrounge around? What do I need to do to be efficient?
NOTE: this blog is posted in G+

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