iPad … eyepad

I received a letter through good ol’ fashioned snail-mail recently. It was from a dear friend who wanted to cheer me up. In the envelope, I found a personal hand written note, a newspaper article, and this comic strip.

There are several reasons why I am sharing this online:


Reason #1 – role model

I am proud of my friend, who used to be hesitant about technology, and who is still somewhat cautious whenever embarking on new commitments, but who is, at the same time, extremely zealous towards every aspect of life. Despite being in the pre-internet, pre-computer generation, this friend of mine has come a long way in a very short time – actively learning new things every day, and more importantly, successfully customizing that learning experience at an individualized pace, to suite personalized goals. I think my friend is a good role model for those of us in the Digital Immigrant generation.


We can learn so much from a simple gesture – a gift, a snail-mail letter, a message, an acknowledgement of knowledge, an embracing of reality, a sense of humor, a realization of differences, an acceptance of the inevitable...


Reason #2 – carpe diem

Note: for the benefit of my followers who are not first language English or Latin speakers… Carpe diem is an aphorism usually translated “seize the day”, taken from a poem written in the Odes in 23 BC by the Latin poet Horace, Book 1, number 11, and it is a well known phrase, popularized by Robin Williams, thanks to the movie Dead Poet’s Society .

This post is my carpe diem.

A year ago, I officially became closer to 50 than 40. To celebrate my birthday last year, I immersed 100% on G+ for the first time, and dove deep into the open online PLN learning culture, I went through an intense vertical learning curve, I weathered an extended lengthy novelty effect, and I eventually finally settled at a high energy sustainable plateau. Prior to that, I had been “in hiding” and “off the grid” for 7 years.

This year, I celebrated my birthday with (yet another) one of my (many) self-experiments. NOTE: I often self-impose purposeful interventions to trigger new learning experiences, while documenting my learning process.

My birthday “present” this year, was a 1-week “break”, away from my online PLN in G+. My objective this time was to see if I would suffer cold-turkey if I stopped being online on G+. In the past one year, I had first become – “addicted”, then eventually “naturalized” to become a comfortable, respectable G+ “citizen”. So, after having “lived” for 1-year, “inside” of the G+ environment, I was curious how going cold-turkey for a week would impact me…

Surprisingly, I discovered that I did not “suffer”. I realize (now) that I am an “online-onland-amphibian” equally comfortable being in the “iPad-world”, as I am in the “eyepad-world”…


Reason #3 – C’est la vie

Note: again, for the benefit of my non-French speaking readers… C’est la vie” is a French phrase which means – “That’s life”.

One day, my upstairs bathroom pipes needed unplugging, and so, I called a plumber. The plumber came, walked through my kitchen, and as he entered my dining/living room space, he stopped short in his tracks. With a gaping mouth, he pivoted 360° and gasped, “Geez! Lady, are you always this organized?” FYI, my dining area has wall-to-wall shelves, filled with stacked books, folders, and files, all neatly labeled, color coordinated, and organized by size, topic, and relevance. I smiled at the plumber, and just for laughs, showed him my fridge. In it were stacks of containers – also organized and labeled. Yes, I’m a bit OCD 🙂

Last week, another close friend told me that I have an uncanny ability to “unravel people like threads”. The comment was a response to my innate (and involuntary) SOP habit of spontaneously perceiving, analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing the thoughts of people whom I come in contact with.

Last night I had an epiphany. I realized that my deconstructivist SOP, coupled with my constructivist OCD, can work hand-in-hand… just like my amphibianistic online-onland existence. In other words, if I consciously embrace the iPad-eyepad philosophy, I would lead a much more productive and happy existence… and… the end result would not be a dichotomy of two extremes… instead, it would be a rich cornucopia of multiplicity.


Reason #4 – 阴阳

Note: …and this time, for the benefit of my non-Chinese speaking readers… 阴阳 YinYang is the ancient philosophy of opposites creating a balanced, dynamic, yet harmonious “whole”. Plus, an additional Gestalt note: …as Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Why am I writing this post? What is the purpose? How is all this relevant to the theme of this blog?


I decided today (on a random, nondescript day) that it is time to dynamically change my attitude towards my blog. I began this blog space about a year ago, and promised myself that I would keep it abreast and updated.

I have failed miserably.

Despite the strong start, and even after having had this blog be listed as one of the “99 Best Resources on Open Courseware and MOOCs“, I have not been diligent in posting regularly. Part of the reason for my shortcoming has been my (erroneous) self preconceived notion that the theme – i12LOL! : I want to Learn On Line – had to specifically only be relevant to “traditional” notions of learning online.

I am now going to (literally) turn over my (YinYang) wheel, and do a major revamp of my future blog posts. From now on, I will endeavor to post anything that I learnonline or onland… I will not be afraid to be eclectic or (seemingly) confused.

So, to my followers and anyone who happen to read my future blogs, I hope you will enjoy the cornucopia of hybrid learning experiences that I plan to share, in whatever topic, whatever format, and whatever frequency that I so happen to experience 🙂


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